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1. New Listing Launch: Use this form for ALL new listings. Provide complete info and accurate photo/video requests. Photos/videos will no longer be scheduled via call, text, email requests. Listings will go active on Tue-Fri with fully completed paperwork 48 hours in advance.

2. Signed Purchase Agreement: Use this form when you have a fully executed PA. This triggers the handoff to our Transaction Coordinator.

3. Date Change: Use this form whenever you are changing a date for Coming Soon or Active Date. This form will prompt the change to be made in the MLS and the appropriate marketing plan to be triggered.

4. Price Change: Complete this form when you'd like to make a price change on your listing. Submission by 2pm is required for same day price changes.

5. Change to Pending: Use this form when you need a listing status switched in the MLS. This is for urgent requests, or instances where you had a Contingency on Sale, or other Contingency that has been removed. This form does NOT need to be completed if you're submitting an executed PA for your listing.

6. CMA Request: This will redirect you to the Slack Channel where you can put your CMA request. Please be as descriptive as possible as it helps us help you.


1. Photography Request: Use this form when you are requesting photos on a withheld listing or a re-shoot. Listing paperwork must be signed PRIOR to the photography appointment.

2. Canceled Photography: Use this form when CANCELING a Photography Appointment on your listing. PLEASE NOTE: when canceling with less than 24 hours notice, you will be responsible to cover the $100 Cancelation fee.

3. Coming Soon Photos: Use this form to submit photos you wish to have used for Coming Soon while you're waiting for professional photographs. Submission of this form will prompt the photos to be added to the MLS and Social Media Coming Soon posts created.


1. Open House Request: Use this form when requesting an Open House on your listing. Must be submitted by 10am Wed for that weekend's schedule. This form will trigger the MLS Open House being added, sign installs getting scheduled and Facebook/Instagram posts.

2. Canceled Open House: Use this form when CANCELING an Open House on your listing. This will trigger a Social Media post canceling the event and the OH being removed from the MLS.


1. Buyer Needs: Use this form to submit your Buyer Needs so we can market to our database.


1. Team Google Site: This is where you will find all of your resources!

2. Marketing Requests: Please be as detailed as possible. Some marketing requests could take up to 7 days to execute. You do NOT need to fill out this form for Coming Soon, Just Listed, Price Improvement, or Under Contract social media requests- those automatically happen as part of our Marketing Plan.

3. Off Market or Pre List Flyer: Use this form when you want an Off-Market or Pre-List Flyer created for a listing you have. Remember, you can promote within our Brokerage, but Mass Marketing/Advertising is not allowed.

4. Post Closing Review: Complete this form to have a custom Social Media post created after your closings.

5. ASAP Marketing EDIT: Complete this form if you notice a typo or an edit that needs to be made ASAP.


1. Change to Pending: Use this form when you need a listing status switched in the MLS. This is for urgent, weekend requests only.

2. Price Change: Complete this form when you'd like to make a price change on your listing and it CANNOT wait until Monday. 

3. Listing Change Request: This form is used for any requests you need on your listing that cannot wait until Monday (ie Property Disclosures added, Highest + Best added to MLS Remarks, etc).